Fair-y Circles is like the roots of fungi.
- any kind of fungi: the queer, the cultivated, the not-yet-met, the ephemer, the smelly, the medicinal, the slow, the yummy, the magical, the toxic, the hiding, the industrial,  the wild...

It wants to look like and live like mycelium at the same time.
It wants to be at least at two places at the same time: in the doing and in the observing.
It deals with learning, but prefers shifting sensitivities,
while questioning and playing with the sources of knowing.
It is embodying the unknown and the dead, through generously digesting it.
It is talking to multiple audiences bridging their seemingly separate ecosystems.
It is articulating a language that allows continuous reorientation.

Fair-y Circles is a community learning initiative having its roots in Budapest, Hungary aiming to bring mushrooms and humans closer together.
It wants to open-up the knowledge fields dealing with the manifold roles fungi play in natural ecosystems through activating imagination: how can we think or act like mushrooms?
It is approaching challenges across disciplinary boundaries: channeling the experience of professionals from the fields of art, agroecology, natural sciences and farming into community learning processes to enable novel practices.
Through reorienting learning situations and offering shared facilities of mycelium-based practices it is working for the liberation of mycelium-care work from exploiting economic agenda.
The experimentation and demonstration of accessible, small-scale cultivation practices based on circulating locally available resources is one of its basic activity.