The first flush in the Budafok Circle during autumn of 2021

The Budafok Circle is the first community mushroom cultivation space in the country, that is located in ‘HIFA’ (Hungarian Fungi and Art Related Community Space) and works in partnership with Mihály Csizmár mycologist in the labyrinth of a 1500 m2 once wine-cellar and atomic bunker.

The main function of the place is to provide space and experiences for local inhabitants so that they are able to grow their own mushrooms. It is a research and educational farm where novel applications of mushroom mycelium is experimented. Gatherings closely or loosely related to mushrooms are regularly happening in forms of performances, lectures, workshops and screenings.
Community scale cultivation has been happening with pleurotus (oyster) species and micro-green growing. Ethical standpoints are: low-energy input, local, chemical-free resources, autonomy and collaborations, permacultural practices.